Monday, October 27, 2008

What a week

Man, have I got some updates for you. Oh, where to start?

Dr. appointment last Friday.

Edgar...I went to the Dr. for my physical and she decided that edgar is not a hernia and very well might be my inner fart. She said that sometimes your abdominal muscles get weak and your intestines can be felt. However, I have to make an appointment for an ultrasound just to make sure it isn't something else. So, I will get around to doing that at some point in time because, I had some week last week.

I also had to get my tuberculosis testing again. For those of you who don't know me, I have a completely irrational fear of anything that pierces the skin. So, that tiny little needle that barely even goes under your skin and wouldn't bother probably 95% of people looked like a plunger sized needle racing at my arm at 5 gazillion miles per hour.

Being by myself, I decided that I was going to be a big girl and I didn't need somebody to coax me through it. This sounded reasonable and completely doable in my head until the nurse touched me. She was only cleaning my arm with the little antiseptic wipe. But, I tell you that I almost crapped myself from the terror. She then held my arm and wiped it off again and the yank set in. I tried oh so hard to tell myself not to move the arm, but I whipped/yanked it out of her grasp. She patiently said, "Are you afraid of needles?" I start muttering (half to her, half to myself) something to the effect of, "yeah a little bit i guess so it's ok". I give her my arm back silently cursing myself for being such a damn asshole. But, I then proceed to yank the stupid arm off of her five more times before she is able to skewer my arm. While the needle is in my arm and she is injecting tuberculosis into me (probably wishing I would get it) I am wiggling my fingers back and forth when I realize that the nurse is standing directly in front of me and I am flicking my fingers back and forth on her boob. The wonderfully patient nurse says nothing and I quickly tell my fingers to stop that.

That was my visit to the doctor

Monday morning...

I was in my office working when I got a call from one of the girls that Peyton was crying and they couldn't calm him down so I went down to see what was wrong. I carried him around for a few moments before I realized that he was not moving his left arm at all. I semi-started freaking out pacing around holding him before I pulled it together, called Chris and took off for the emergency room. When we got there the dr. came in and pulled his arm all around but said that she wasn't hearing the clicking noise it should make when you pop it back in to place so she sent us for x-rays.

X-rays were awful. Chris had to pretty much climb all 6' 3" of himself and lay on Peyton on the x-ray table to keep him still. They were twisting his poor little arm all around taking pictures. They sent us back to our room for awhile and then back for more x-rays because I think they liked torturing him before diagnosing him with nursemaid elbow and sending us home promising that mobility would return little by little.

We got home and he still wasn't moving it...AT ALL. When he would fall, he wouldn't even twitch it as if he were going to catch himself. He would just fall on his face.

So, the next morning I took him to his pediatrician where he reduced (fixed) his elbow 5 more times before he said he felt it click. Peyton still wouldn't move it and would turn absolutely hysterical if the Dr even spoke in his direction. His Dr. then sent us to a pediatric er for more x-rays.

When we got there, that Dr. reduced his elbow again. Then sent us for more torturous x-rays which showed nothing again. So, they splinted his arm and referred us to a pediatric orthopedist. We went there the next day, now wednesday, and she was unable to see anything on the x-rays but thought there might be a crack somewhere. She re-splinted his arm and wants to take more x-rays this coming wednesday.

Last night, Chris was undressing him when Peyton yanked his arm clean out of the splint. Chris starts yelling frantically for me and I run up to the bathroom to find him standing there dangling Peyton's shirt in front of him with the splint still inside the sleeve and Peyton dancing like a chicken, completely butt naked and cracking up. He is moving the arm normally and back to his good old self.

This post is getting so long that I will have to update you on the rest later this week. I will also post on of Peyton in his little splint and sling because I can not find the USB cable right now.

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  1. Hello,

    I hope you do not mind I found your blog on another page. If you want come over and visit my page. You sure have had a wild week. I have never heard of an arm doing that. How crazy. I hope your week ends good.


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