Friday, October 10, 2008

TGIF again...

Ok. Apparently my post needs updated. My ONE follower said so. So, I will explain to you why I am sitting here on the couch alternating the ice pack from my hip bone to my elbow to my head.

In a rush to get all of the pre-party planning done tonight, because Devin's 5th birthday party is at 11:45 tomorrow, I jumped in the shower with Chris. (Nothing nasty, just wanted some hot water too). Well, as usual when it's just me and him. We get totally slap happy stupid. He kept grabbing my hand and jerking my arm out and in real fast which would in turn make the flabby part of my arm slap my side. It would make this awful 'towel flicking' noise and we were doubled over with laughter doing it over and over again. He kept pulling my arm harder which was making it louder until my elbow cracked my hip bone, which had us doubled over in laughter. Well, I guess for me it was 1/4 laughter and 3/4 pain. Unbeknownst to me, Chris' head is right over mine. I jerk my head up and Chris' big ol' front tooth gets embedded into the top of my head. So, now I'm holding my head and my hip and Chris is holding his tooth. It really was hilarious.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is going to be fun. Devin's party is in the morning and then we might go to a kids halloween party later that night. Devin is going to be the Hulk, Nuby a vampire and Peyton an elephant. I will post pictures of our fun-filled events later this weekend.

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