Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hey all...

Jenera over at is having a giveaway that ends today!!!

She is giving away an 8 x 10 picture from her site All you have to do is go to the photography site and pick your favorite picture. (And there are some really really good ones! She does a fantabulous job!) Then leave a comment stating what your favorite one is. You can even get an extra entry into the running if you leave a link to her drawing on your own blog.

So, run over and enter!!!!

Thank you Jenera!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OAEYC Conference

This past weekend we (the center I work at) got the wonderful oppurtunity to attend the Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children (OAEYC) early care and education conference in Columbus, Ohio!

We were due to leave Thursday at 5:00 pm from the center. However, nothing ever goes according to plan, right? Of course, parents decided to pick this day to ditch their kids and go shopping, leaving us standing around waiting. When we finally did get on the road, we had to stop at 4 different banks because the agency had made a last minute change to payroll and nobody's money was direct deposited.

While the second car of girls was doing bank runs, I went to McDonald's to feed myself, my kids and the girl I had with me a nutritional dinner of snack wraps, salads, nuggets, burgers and fries. We waited for over a half hour until they arrived. This was when the tsunamai decided to hit Ohio.

After they got there, I pulled out of the parking lot and stopped at the red light waiting for them to catch up. As I was watching them get closer and closer, I had the fleeting thought that they appeared to be coming too fast. That's when they hit me.

I popped out of my car after calming the girl with me, who was still stuck in the OOOOH MYYY GOD! ten seconds after the impact. I stomped back through the rain fully prepared to do alot of what the f'ing. But, they had already gotten out of their car. And the driver was not the car owner. That would be her sister. And they were stare locked across the steaming crumpled hood and dangling bumper of the hyundai. So, I decided to busy myself looking at the barely dented bumper of my car.

It was alot of drama and crying and then Chris came and picked up the girls and we drove to one of their houses to get a different car. The rest of the drive was thankfully uneventful. The conference was awesome! I got to meet alot of new people and learned alot of new ideas. I didn't get to go to the state rally, but some of the girls did and they said it was a really neat experience.

On the drive home, we competed car against car to see who could get more truckers to honk. When our car wasn't getting enough, we moved on to trying to get cars to honk. Have you ever realized how many unfriendly people are out there on the road. You wave and smile and they either slow down or speed up trying to pretend like they don't see you. Jerks.

Chris had cleaned the whole house while we were gone, including putting away the 7 loads of laundry I had left randomly around the house. He also had himself a big old party while I was gone. And, he cleaned up after that too!

So, now I'm back and we're trying to get ready to throw a 4th of July party and that should be loads of fun. I will have my bucket O'Margarita and things that are explosive. What more could one want?