Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hello blogger world!!!

I'm not sure if I have anything worth blogging about, but here goes...
My name is Jennie. I have 28 years old and have snagged myself a fiance (he's 22). We have three beautifully bad boys: Devin, Christopher AKA: Nuby, and Peyton. Our lives are anything but normal. People often tell us that we are crazy and always flying by the seat of our pants. That is pretty much accurate. Chris, my fiance, could possibly pass for the ADD poster child. You will never EVER catch him just sitting around or watching TV. He is always moving or doing something. His current favorite past times are: Eating fast food, reading auto trader, fixing up his 20 million cars, navigating through craig's list and calculating and recalculating bills. Our three boys are all very different from each other. Our oldest, Devin, is the fire ball of the three. Just like dad, he never sits. He is loud and energetic. Our middle child, Nuby, is a lover not a fighter. He is the bulkiest of the three but is also the most timid. And we joke that our youngest, Peyton, has little man syndrome. He frequently will walk around letting out an earpiercing sqwack while chasing one of his brothers. My dad also lives in the same house in the in-law suite. So, here we are...Me, Chris, Devin, Nuby, Peyton and Pappy all under one big disfunctional roof. I wouldn't trade it for the world!