Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to life....Back to reality....

Ok. Play time is over and it's back to the grind. Ha, I say that so perfectly as if I worked in the slate factory in the Flinstones and not at my deskjob. Coin left for Michigan this morning. It was such a fun trip. Here are a few of the highlights of the trip.

Of course, game night was a huge hit. We played all kinds of fun games until the wee hours of morning. One of the funny moments of the night was when we went running screaming "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!!", as Chris' drunk brother came looking for us all. Then we all behind cars covering our mouths like little children trying to hold in the giggles. I had both hands over my mouth and my legs crossed trying not to simutaneously give away our spot and pee my pants. His brother found Manda and we left her with the drunkard. Sorry Manda, Every man for himself!

The day after game night we all laid on the couch with the kids snuggling and watching cheesey movies all day. That was cozy.

We took all the kids including Lora and her Luca and went to see Hotel Dogs at the movies. The kids really did great. There was only one other family in the theater so the kids were able to kind of move around and sit on the stairs. Little Peyton did the best out of all the kids! He sat so still in his chair eating popcorn for almost the whole movie.

Last night we sat watching you tube videos for a good hour cracking up. If you enjoy browsing silly things on youtube, check out goremy. He has silly videos and songs that he makes up and I was doubled over. Check out the eggs over easy one if you have time. "Eggs ova eeeezaaaay. Cookemright, don't make em greeeeezaaay."

Ok, that's it for now. Oh and kudos to Kristy at the Weaver's Nest on my side roll of blogs. She had a run in with a real live hippo! Can you all believe it?!?!?!?! Lora, if you're out there reading....I am now living through Kristy so that I can get closer to my true beloved hippos!

p.s. My new resolution is to try to post a new picture on each blog, no matter how random it may be. This is me and Devin trying to make the ugliest faces possible....mission complete. lol.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting to know you...

I am off to take Nuby and Peyton for a strep test and to load up on Tylenol and Motrin for the long night. While I do that please feel free to answer some fun questions!

You all know ~me~ from reading my blog. Now I want to get to know you by asking some questions. Please cut/paste these questions into the comments and answer them truthfully! ~wink~

Q1: Let's say you are driving by yourself in the middle of a long drive. You are in a good mood and you have every album ever made available to listen to. Name 1-3 albums you would choose to listen to.

A1: Bon Jovi, 90's music, 80's music.

Q2: Let's say you have been dating a guy for 1 year and he just broke up with you. What ~sad~ break-up music would you listen to?

A2: Reba McEntire

Q3: Now you are more pissed for him breaking up than sad. What ~angry~ music would you choose?

A3: Beastie Boys

Q4: You are on death row and have been offered a last meal. What would you pick?

A4: Salisbury Steak banquet meal.

Q5: You have a free night to hang out with your friends and you get to pick the night. What would you choose to do? If you would go somewhere to have drinks, what kind of club/bar would you want to go? Would you rather have a girls only night? Or mixed company?

A5: Mixed company board game nights

Q6: You are on your night out with friends and someone else is the designated driver. You have all night and nothing to do in the morning but sleep. What would you choose to drink? What level of drunkenness would you chose to achieve?

A6: Just enough to make me happy. I don't ever want to be hungover again. I am done with that stage of my life...I do not do shots, they make me gag. I like grape smirnoff...and my new drink is the tarantula.

Q7: Your designated driver is now driving everyone home and offers to stop anywhere you want to feed your drunk ass. What would you pick?

A7: McDonald's...double hamburger

Q8: You have a gift certificate for 2 pairs of shoes to a shoe store that carries every brand of shoe in the world and every shoe costs the exact same amount. What casual shoe would you pick? What dress shoe would you pick?

A8: Nike tennis shoes...I don't really wear dress shoes.

Q9: Let's say these things all cost the exact same and you are told to pick ~three~ things. What would you pick?: Pair of shoes. Handbag. Bundle of craft items. Outfit at your favorite store. Day at the spa. MP3 player. Dinner & drinks at your favorite restaurant. Concert tickets to your favorite band. 3 month gym membership. Hotel room at the city's fanciest hotel. Makeup/beauty bundle. Haircut and color. A kitchen appliance like an espresso machine, something frivolous.

A9: Day at the spa...haircut and color...espresso/cappuccino maching

Q10: What do you do for a living? Is it your dream job? If not, what is your dream job?

A10: Childcare Program Manager

Q11: Do you have a college degree? If yes, what is it in? If no, are you planning to go back?

A11: I currently have a Child Development Associate credential and am enrolled in an online college for Elementary Ed.

Q12: If you could start your education over, would you change anything? If so, what?

A12: I would do my homework.

Q13: What are your summer hobbies. (Things you actually do, not things you would like to do but rarely do them. For instance, many people say "hiking" although they can't remember the last time they went.)

A13: Right now...spending time with the family. But before that I wanted to be a rock climber. Loved it!

Q14: What are your winter hobbies?

A14: I love skiing and sled riding

Q15: Are you ~happy~ with your life? If not, what would make you happy?

A15: Absolutely! Love my three monsters and Chris

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Catching up

These are just a few of the pictures from this past week. We had a birthday party at the local skating rink where Chris and Devin had fun learning how to skate. We also got to play some laser tag, which I think I should be banned from ever playing again. I have what you can call a wee bit of a competitive side. Wee bit being a severe understatement. The party was fun and from there we headed home to get the boys ready for a sleepover at my aunt's.

This was the first sleepover for all three of them and my first liberating night in years without any kids at home. Coin is in town this week, so we invited the troops over for a game night. We had a rockin' time playing pictionary man, blurt, rock band and the guys played some beer pong. I discovered my true calling in life.....I AM one of the beastie boys. It was a fantabulous night. I haven't laughed that freakin' hard in a long time. That could be directly related to the giant amounts of raspberry stolli and lemonade....or maybe not.

On Monday, Coin made lasagna and salad and our friend Lora came over with her son. We played around with the camera for a good while and that accounts for the lovely pictures. They so graciously did my make up for the photo op. Do you love the blue eye shadow and the dark dark lipstick?

We will be having another game night on Friday at Lora's house this time. So, we will see what this weekend brings....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 reasons why I should be voted #1 mom!

10. Last night as I was sitting on the couch, I saw Peyton run out of my room with the self-tanning lotion and yelled up..."Put that back before I break your little fingers!" (Peyton screamed in delight, gripped the bottle even tighter, and took off running back into my room.

9. My kids are so used to me saying, "If you don't stop, I will suck out your soul" that they say it to each other.

8. All three of my kids got 'to up from the flo up' while in utero before I knew they were in there.

7. I never bought bike helmets for my helmets are for wussies. However, Devin does have a helmet for his dirt bike and go-cart.

6. Not to long ago, I fell asleep in the chair and woke up to Peyton standing next to me with taco bell re-fried beans and lip gloss all in his hair. He was oh so proud. It was promptly followed with an, "Oh P, I am so going to suck out your soul." Then we headed to the bath.

5. While driving home from work and talking to my friend Lora on the phone I hear Devin scream. (Dev was about 1 1/2) I look back to realize that someone must have unbuckled his car seat and when I turned the whole thing tipped over. Without skipping a beat, I reach back and flip him back upright which he thought was the greatest thing ever. Lora asks are you going to pull over to buckle it in? Nah...almost home I tell her.

4. Nuby still sneaks his binky...he looks so darn cute with it though.

3. I often call Devin 'Funky butt fingers' because he is always scratching his bum. He is THEE itchiest kid I have ever come across.

2. Everytime Devin or Nuby say something all sarcastically to me and trot away...I mutter 'Little Asshole' under my breath.

1. Due to my lack of cooking abilities and a bit of kids live on carryout unless Chris cooks.

And now on to my awards...I apologize that I haven't put them up sooner. I was so excited when I got them ....I received three new awards since I have last blogged and I would like to give each person their own post to show my gratitude. So, stay tuned for my awards from Amy, Courtney and Amanda. Thanks gals!