Wednesday, February 4, 2009

10 reasons why I should be voted #1 mom!

10. Last night as I was sitting on the couch, I saw Peyton run out of my room with the self-tanning lotion and yelled up..."Put that back before I break your little fingers!" (Peyton screamed in delight, gripped the bottle even tighter, and took off running back into my room.

9. My kids are so used to me saying, "If you don't stop, I will suck out your soul" that they say it to each other.

8. All three of my kids got 'to up from the flo up' while in utero before I knew they were in there.

7. I never bought bike helmets for my helmets are for wussies. However, Devin does have a helmet for his dirt bike and go-cart.

6. Not to long ago, I fell asleep in the chair and woke up to Peyton standing next to me with taco bell re-fried beans and lip gloss all in his hair. He was oh so proud. It was promptly followed with an, "Oh P, I am so going to suck out your soul." Then we headed to the bath.

5. While driving home from work and talking to my friend Lora on the phone I hear Devin scream. (Dev was about 1 1/2) I look back to realize that someone must have unbuckled his car seat and when I turned the whole thing tipped over. Without skipping a beat, I reach back and flip him back upright which he thought was the greatest thing ever. Lora asks are you going to pull over to buckle it in? Nah...almost home I tell her.

4. Nuby still sneaks his binky...he looks so darn cute with it though.

3. I often call Devin 'Funky butt fingers' because he is always scratching his bum. He is THEE itchiest kid I have ever come across.

2. Everytime Devin or Nuby say something all sarcastically to me and trot away...I mutter 'Little Asshole' under my breath.

1. Due to my lack of cooking abilities and a bit of kids live on carryout unless Chris cooks.

And now on to my awards...I apologize that I haven't put them up sooner. I was so excited when I got them ....I received three new awards since I have last blogged and I would like to give each person their own post to show my gratitude. So, stay tuned for my awards from Amy, Courtney and Amanda. Thanks gals!


  1. love the 10 ten reasons you should be mother of the... thanks for the morning chuckle

  2. Love this post, it made my day

  3. ROFLMAO! I'm also a top 10 mother! BTW - I also gave you an award! Just forgot to tell you! So - pop by my place and pick it up! I actually awarded you the same one amanda did, but never mind - you can take the award above (The - "your blog is fabulous" award!
    Kirsty x

  4. I think you are the number one Mom also. I so want to be like you as I watch Alyce grow. You are so calm caring and crazy with your boys. Alyce and I danced around to your "Bitter Sweet Symphony" I thought I was the only one who really likes that song!

  5. Oh gosh, Amy...did you ever see the movie Cruel Intentions? This was also on that soundtrack. That was one of THE best soundtracks. Well, at least one of the best in the nineties. I don't think I've really watched any movies or bought any new cd's this century.

    However, I'm back on the path! I did buy a mercy me cd online last night. I spend way too much time with the Bring The Rain blog just sitting there so that I can listen to the music. I finally broke down and just bought the cd myself.

    I'm so glad to get to be a small part in your and Alyce's little dance party.

  6. Thank you for posting!! It was very funny, I really enjoyed it! I look forward to more mayhem! :)


  7. That was just for you, Katie!

  8. hee! i love it. you definitely are the best mom!

  9. You are an AWESOME Mom!!!

    You had better update your blog sometime this weekend before Katie kicks your ass!!

    I will see you in 4 days!!!! Count 'em...only 4 days till I get to Ytown then I will be there for 11 days!!!! We are going to have some fun!!!

  10. Hi Jennie, thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my annoying list of thing and that you agree with me on the tampon commercials. I think your thought process on the new years resolutions is the best I've heard.

  11. Hey Jen! Great post, I've been MIA for a while, glad to catch up on your blog!! I love your # 1 mom post, very funny, I've done a few of those things myself, like the carseat one, only I hosed myself, my poor little chap felt most indignant when the mother laughed!!

  12. Happy V-day to you and your boys.

  13. Hey there, I have a game for you to play. Stop by my site and look under "couch anyone?" If you want to play along please do so. It not no worries.


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