Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, the week is finally over and a relaxed-fun-filled with no work drama weekend lay ahead. Tomorrow we are going to our family's annual pig roast. Yes, we are still one of those hillbilly families that buy a hog(head, legs, tail and all), put him on a spit, and watch him roast. I don't particularly like to eat the pig. I love me some pork, but can't eat something with the eyes looking back at me. However, I have been known to chase my little cousins with the head after they cut it off. Yeah, kind of sick I know. I can't help myself.

So, Nuby is turning into the nightime condiment bandit of the house. That little crap keeps sneaking out of bed and doing the oddest things without me knowing and sneaking back to bed. Tonight, I put all the boys to bed and started on my homework in the living room. Now, keep in mind that my the stairs and hallway are directly in front of me as I am doing my homework. Nuby somehow snuck out of his room without me hearing or seeing him and went into the bathroom. I noticed him when he came walking out saying, "I'm sleepy, I go to bed". I looked at him to see a big blob of white shaving cream on top of his blonde little head and equal obnoxious amounts of shaving cream all over his footy pajamas. I went upstairs to investigate further and found the bathroom sink, counters, floor and yes the toilet covered in shaving cream and toothpaste. He was so stinking proud of himself. As I was cleaning him up and stripping his shaving creamy footy pajamas off of him, he kept stating "I make mess, mommy". Yes Nuby, you made a big mess. I cleaned everything up, put him in his spider man jammies and put him back in bed. I THOUGHT he was asleep.

I went out to see what Chris was working on in the garage for 10 minutes and came back in to finish my homework. Mmmmmm...drinking my cream soda. Tastes funny...kind of bitter. Kind of makes me want to gag. I take a bigger swig trying to swish the taste out of my mouth. Gross...what is that smell and that taste? That's when I noticed the bottle of sleepy massage oil next to my cream soda. I smell the cream soda. Yes, it smells like chamomile. That little crap is now trying to poison me. ha ha ha.

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