Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here we go...

Ok...I'm not sure where to start so here goes...

I love the work I do and hate where I work, if that makes any sense. I work in the early childhood education field and desperately believe in what I do. It's a very high stress job though. You have loads of responsibilities and little recognition, in both wages and word of mouth. I am currently so overloaded at work that I come home and lay in bed awake thinking about the tasks that I need to get done the next day. I used to love where I worked when my old buddies were there. But they all left me and now I just kind of want the building to burn down.

I am a cradle robber of sorts (and proud of it). I am now 28 years old and my fiance is only 22. We've been together for four years now. So, yes...I did steal him fresh off the lot. mwah ha ha ha. Seriously though, he is great (when he's not great). We have the most fun together doing stupid things, like talking only out of the right side of our mouths for a whole night just because we found it to be funny. We have three beautifully crazy children. Devin will be 5 this month. Nuby (Christopher) is 2 1/2 and Peyton is 1. They all have such different personalities that you wouldn't know that they were related(except they all look alike).

My mom, stepdad, sister, brother in-law and my brood of nephews live in Columbus. We live in our house with my dad and my brother doesn't live far from us. I love my family.

Tonight I am sitting here all lonely in my hormonal nuva ring state. I spent the first half of my day freaking out because my aunt called this morning to tell me my mother had a stroke. Of course that sent me into hysterics. They later released her from the hospital and told her there was nothing wrong with her. I disagree, but we won't get into all that right now.

Chris is asleep with a migraine and I have finished my homework for the night. So, now I am just sitting here watching My Big Redneck Wedding missing everyone and wishing I had someone to talk to.

Ok...see ya'll later

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  1. oh i see nothing about me huh!


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