Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bath & Body Works is twisted

There nothing like getting a new shower gel to pour on your loofah, lather up and make yourself all clean and smellin' good. Except for when it backfires...

My aunt bought me some Twisted Peppermint shower gel and lotion for christmas. Smelled all minty fresh and nice.

So, yesterday morning I hopped in the shower with my new gel. As usual, I take scalding hot showers. I make the water as hot as my skin will allow before it starts melting and peeling off. I do my usual routine...

wash hair...check

wash face...check

put in conditioner...check

brush teeth...check

rinse out conditioner...check

Then comes the body. I lather an extra good amount of twisted peppermint shower gel on my loofah and start scrubbing at my trunk and appendages with a fury. (Hadn't taken a shower in two days...hey don't judge...I'm on vacation and I'm allowed to be stinky.) After I scrub the first layer of my skin off I start to rinse off.

That's when my left arm, which I had washed first, started to burn.

What the heck is going on?

I turn my body so my left arm was in the hot water but now it was starting to feel like it was freezing, even in the hot water. And, now it was spreading to the rest of my body.


Imagine that you have just emersed your body in the mintiest of mouthwashes. It is so cold that it burns.

There was nothing I could do but stand in the hot water and try to wash off the shower gel with regular soap. It finally did stop but I think that Bath and Body Works didn't name this gel twisted for nothing.


  1. mwahahahahaha!!!!!! it was peppermint you dope... hahahaha!!! thanks for the afternoon crack up!

  2. Too funny. Maybe your skin did not like it. Take it back and get something else. How crazy.
    Happy New Year. Thanks for stopping by and talking with me. I enjoy your comments.

  3. Hey~

    You freakin crack me the hell up!!

    Thank you for being such an AWESOME friend to me this year!! I can't wait for our friendship to continue this year....

    Love ya...

    Oh- love the White Snake and Poison!!! Good choices!!!

  4. I had a similar experience but with tissues. It was winter and I bought the boys some eucalyptus oil tissue paper for the noses. One morning I ran into their bathroom for a pee and found no toilet paper, so I thought, aah, what the heck, eucalyptus tissues it will be.... Lets just say I walked around for the next 10 minutes like I was carrying a large pumpkin between my legs!! I love your stories!

  5. I love your stories, this cracked me up! Amanda's might beat yours though! all are too funny!

  6. Uhm....are you ever going to update again????

    I know I talk to you every day but come on...i'm waiting!!!


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