Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hey Pamela, I'm calling you out...

This is in response to a comment left on my blog in response to when Devin was smacked in the chops for screaming bloody murder at his grandpa.

A women named Pamela, whose own blog is set to private so I could not view it or respond, left a comment stating, "No child deserves to be smacked. That is child abuse, plain and simple!"

Ok perfect Pamela, I am going to assume that you left this comment out of a general need to reach out and save a child. Or maybe to help me see the errors of my ways.

Because I know that you, Perfect Pamela, would never EVER assume that you know me, that you know my children, that you know my lifestyle, that you would judge my parenting or disciplinary techniques.

I know, Perfect Pamela, that you would never do these things because that would make you an idiot. And I know that you could never be an idiot perfect pam.

I do not need to answer to you or for you to judge or critique my life for me. That is not what I made this blog for. I made it to share some stories that I thought might be interesting or funny.

While your concern is duly noted you can keep it to yourself, Perfect Pamela. Thank you.


  1. I guess "Perfect Pamela" Goes around reading blogs and leaves a rude statment. Then has a private blog so you can't talk with her. How wild is that. I think everything went fine with your family. "Poor Pamela"

  2. Thanks Amy, I don't feel so singled out and attached now. I guess I will let Pamela go free instead of hunting here down in cyber land to smash her PC to smitherines. j/k

  3. Love this post. How big of you to write a nice response, I don't think mine would have been so nice to perfect pam! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

  4. I am the person who made the comment. You don't have an email address posted either, and my blog is private because it is about my little boy that I lost to leukemia last year. It affected me also because I remember that Marky was very sick before he was diagnosed and my step-father talked about how whiney he was, and how all he needed was a spanking. I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. I'm certainly not "Perfect Pamela," but I did think it was considered abuse to hit a child in the face and although I haven't been reading your blog long, I thought you were a child care worker and I was surprised to read that. I think you are a very funny person and I'm sorry if I hurt you. I am still grieving alot and I'll not respond again.


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