Saturday, November 6, 2010

NaBloPoMo just sounds dirty, doesn't it.

Like some kind of deranged perverted telli tubby!

I just needed to get that out and in front. I guess I picked the right month to rejoin the blogosphere. I have so much to tell and with the excuse of the National Blog Post Month, I can write every day!

I believe all of my loyal followers came to facebook with me and have been following along there. But, for those of you who haven't, I got hitched! That's right, took me thirty years but I finally found someone dumb smart enough to see how wonderful I am.

We were engaged over 5 years ago, have planned and cancelled two weddings, have damn near killed each other, have laughed, have loved, have cried, and most important of all, we have found our way...together.

Since I am 30, we do have three kids and have been living together for 6 years...I decided it was better for us to do an out of town wedding with just our family and closest mutual friends. This meant that I had to cut our original list from 350 to 100 or less. It wasn't really as hard as a anticipated. I did go over by about 40 some guests, but luckily alot of people don't want to travel.

We were married at a chapel in the woods. It was extremely remote. No cell phone coverage, no wifi and no GPS signal. It was great. For the most part, everyone came and stayed all weekend. I can't decide if I had more fun the day before the wedding or on the actual wedding.

The weekend was nothing short than magical. It makes me very sad to think that I will never ever ever have all my family and friends all in one spot like that again. Big buffet style meals, drinking games at night. Kids galloping in hoards together.

Chris' oldest brother was shaking. I'm not sure if he was nervous about being so close to my chest region or if I was just that damn heavy. Either way...I thought I was going down at any second.

My daddy.

Sucker! I now own half of your soul!

The boys had a blast! They weren't too fond of picture taking though. So, I didn't press the issue.

Notice the cake on Chris' forehead. My ONE (really, you believed me when I said one?) rule I had that day was not to shove cake in my face. The one day of my life I make an attempt to look decent and what did he do? He shoved the cake in my face. While he gently smushed icing on my cheek, I pelted my slice at mach 10 where it didn't just hit him in the head, but was more like embedded into his skull. Take that! Oh yeah, the half of the soul that I's grounded when we get home!

Nobody should ever give me a microphone when bon jovi is on. I'm a loooooooaded guuuuuun. Yeah.

This is now my all time favorite picture of me and my little brother. This picture sums it all up.

Pre-cake being thrown. My mom spent ridiculous amounts of money on this cake. Poor cake collapsed on it's way to the wedding.

A weekend full of keg stands, more laughing than my sides could handle, arm wrestling, rafter pull ups, dogs, cabins, grilling, enough beer to fill a few pools and I cried halfway to South Carolina when we left. I couldn't believe it was over. Me and Chris both agreed that we should have skipped the honeymoon and stayed in the cabins with all of our families and just had a good time.

My next few posts will be a break down of the events of the weekend and the wonderful fun memories we all got to make and take home with us.


  1. Aww this post got me all teary!! Your wedding weekend was so much fun!! One of the best weekends of my entire life. I'm so happy I got to be a part of your big day! I still at almost two months later look at our collection of wedding pictures almost every day. Tons of fun was had by all!! Love you

  2. I cant get over how beautiful you look. Your dress, hair, colour theme is all so beautiful!!! You make a stunning bride and the location for your wedding sounds amazing! So pleased you had a great day! xo

  3. OMG! I just randomly checked into your blog and saw this AWESOME post!!! CONGRATULATIONS! SO happy for you. You look beautiful!!!

  4. Thank you so much. I felt beautiful...and, I'm not normally a beautifully type o gal. I prefer mud and bonfires!

    Everything worked out great. Fall theme out in the woods. I couldn't have made it any better if I tried.

  5. Oh how fun! And congratulations. Those are some gorgeous pics - and I love your dress. The cake? I would never have known there was an issue had you not mentioned it. Shhh! So glad you had a great time - that's what every wedding should be.


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