Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The year of 30

That's right...this year I will finally turn 30.

I never ever ever had a problem with the thought of turning 30. 30 isn't old...it's just another year, right? That was my mindset until today. I just realized that I will turn 30 this year and that means I'm no longer immortal....or something like that.

I can feel the cigarette build up in my lungs causing my lungs to swell up, constricting air flow while bulging out and pushing on my heart that is full of umpteen years of double cheeseburgers and cheesy beefy melts while trying to pump the blood that is made up of mostly salsitas cheese sauce by now. All being fueled on by coca-cola.

So, with my new found fear of my body giving out...I think I might try to take care of it. But, I'm not sure how to start. I don't cook, so I'm really limited to eating whatever Chris puts on my plate. And, I don't think I have the will power to give up my bag of popcorn covered in garlic salt and parmesean cheese a night. Maybe I should start with exercising or something. I've tried it in the past and even managed to stick it out for like a week!

Any suggestions of where to start? And give me some kind of realistic benchmark here people. Keep in mind that I do work and have three kids. So, I am most definately NOT getting up to do a morning jog at 6. Or at any point in the morning. I wish I had me a sweatin' to the oldies tape.


  1. We all need exercise, no matter if we're fat or skinny. I don't like working out but I do love taking walks, playing volleyball, swimming, etc. Find one activity that requires you to exert yourself a bit and stretch your muscles and then do it. It won't be as hard when it's something you like. Second thing, regarding food, start out small. Is there one or are there maybe two vegetables you like? Cook them/eat them raw at least a few times a week. Then try to add in more vegetables and fruit. Just cut back on stuff that's not as good for you. After a while, you will begin to lose your taste for it.

    Cheers, and happy b-day in advance!

  2. I say we find ourselves some sweatin to the oldies tapes! We have the VCR and tae bo will only ge challenging for so long. I am with you 100% of the way. No backing down this time. We are getting to the point we are no longer able to bounce back after a double hamburger or a box of twinkies. You are not alone... we will do this together!


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