Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Stretch


That was a nice blogging rest.

This is just a quick note to say that I am back and will try to stick with it. I don't know if I have anything of interest to write about.

It's finally snowing here and just when I thought I was going to be able to take the little rascals sled riding, all three of them start projectile vomiting all over my house. They were nice enough to time it so that none of them were puking at the same time though. How thoughtful of them. They all started puking about 30 hours apart. I'm now sitting here with my third puker, who puked on my walls, rug, floors, carpets, blankets and couch today. I thankfully did not get puked on. Tomorrow, he'll be home with Chris and I'll be at work. Happy to be somewhere that doesn't smell of bile and poo.

Christmas was great. There isn't anything better than being home with family. I had family come in from Columbus, Ohio..New Mexico, Missouri and Jacksonville, Florida! It was so great spending time with everyone. We all went out for drinks one night. First time I've been out for drinks since the Christmas before that when everyone was up. Just like the year before, I had three glasses of wine and was completely and totally hammered. Had to focus on road signs on the way home to not think I was going to fall out of the car into a ditch and promptly gave up my guts when I got home. A complete replay of last year's outing with the cousins. Maybe one day I'll learn to just drink two glasses of wine. Or maybe I'll puke every year.

---------Pause to take care of puking kid and clean up puke---------

My little brother moved to Florida and was unable to take his new puppy with him so we are foster parents to a rottweiler now. He's a huge pain in the butt. We LOVE him! The kids are going to be so sad when he leaves. I secretly will too. I'm going to try the post every day in the month thing. I'm not going to totally commit to it because I'm a lazy flarp and I might just flop. But, here's to 2010. Anybody doing anything fun to ring in the new?


  1. Don't feel so bad about not posting. I've been at it for slightly over four years and have only produced around 280 posts (including poems). Posting more increases the chances that you'll have more views and people will visit more often, but if it is too much filler just for the sake of having a post for the day, then people may not come back as often. All this doesn't matter, though, since you should write for yourself and readers and numbers be [danged].

  2. Jeff, you are correct. I long ago stopped reading the blogs of who went to buy what when they were done doing that.

    I write to record my stupid funnies that I can re-read to make me giggle and maybe make someone else giggle.


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