Friday, August 21, 2009

Did ya know?

I don't think I got to tell you all about my new toy!!! It is something I have always wanted, so that I could feel like an all out bad ass. Can you guess what it is?

A freaking motorcycle!!! I have always wanted one and me and Chris had been "visiting" our dream bikes at a local motorcycle store. After realizing that financing two bikes was definately NOT going to be a financially sound decision, we started looking on craigslist.

Have I mentioned that craigslist is the greatest thing since slim jims?!

And we found lots of the bike I wanted, with really low miles, for half the price. I wanted a small little cruiser, so we decided to buy mine first since it would be cheaper. Chris set out on a quest...and Chris gets crazy obsessive with his find the perfect bike.

So, I am now the proud owner of an orange 2005 Honda Rebel. He found it with only 250 miles on it. I've had it for about two months now and have only ridden on the road once. But, I sure ride the hell out of that thing in my yard. lol. I always had dirt bikes growing up, so I guess some habits die hard.

I need to get my stupid motorcycle permit. But, I'm not in too much of a rush. I don't want to ride out there alone. I'm not afraid of my ability to ride...I'm afraid of some dumb ass plowing me over in there suv. Maybe if I feel motivated, I will go take the test in the morning.

The woman who we bought it off of threw in a free helmet. The only issue is that it looks like the ones that cops wear when they ride horses. I look like an L7 wienie with it on.

Ride on! Do any of you have motorcycles?

Ok, I reopened the post to edit it because I have a question for you all. Why do you blog and are you always 100% honest about your bloggings or are they tailored to get the comments that you desire?


  1. Holy Cow!! You blogged twice in one week.

    Uhmmm...yeah, that bike is super sweet and I loved riding on it.

  2. I can't wait to see you on this bike. Be careful. When I blog I do share what is going on in the post. I do share what I want and things that I want to keep to myself I will. I mean I do not tell everyone everything all of the time. Right. I blog just to have fun and meet people. I do love when people leave a comment because it means they like what I had to say...

  3. woah! Biker chick!!! How very cool! I don't have a motorbike, but one of these fine days, I might!!! Maybe. For a bit.
    I blog the truth! I blog to remember. My life is so hecticly crazy (like yours) with 3 little people and I want to remember it all. i'm making a blog book, so my little ones can read about there adventures when they are big!

  4. A blog book, eh? That's a great idea! I was asking because I've been blog surfing alot lately and noticed how some people's blogs just don't seem the least bit realistic. Yet they have this immense stream of followers that seem to promote their behaviors. Was just wondering what other people do.

    I started my blog to be funny and cheer up my friend who had moved to Michigan. But, I like to tell stories and my life is so crazy that I always have alot of them. I'm going to seriously consider this blog book thing, Kirsty. Thanks for idea.

  5. Check you out biker gal!

    I started my blog because I just felt my head was blur of everything. Blogging has helped myself to be more honest if anything because I always used to be the girl who followed the crowd to fit in.

    Growing up more I do that less and less and having a blog has helped me do that. =)

    What about you? x

  6. Nice bike!

    I blog reality. It makes for more boring and less comments, but it's real and it's my life. If I get no comments, it only bothers me slightly because I started it as a journal for me and family that had moved away. So it shouldn't bother me too much and it usually doesn't, but once in a while it really does.

  7. WOW! What a cool new toy! I bet that you look bad ass on it!

    I blog because it helps me to vent somewhere. Since my blog is anonymous, I can be honest about everything--- the good and the bes (you know WHO I mean!)

    So happy that YOU are blogging again!

  8. I meant to type "bad" not "bes"-- where did that come from?

  9. Nice bike! My husband and I used to ride! Good times.


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