Friday, March 27, 2009


This blog is dedicated to my sock pimp.....The one and only BETHIE!!!
I have a huge love for socks. I love socks of all kinds and colors. My love for them started when I first began my career in early childhood care and education. On one need-to-do-laundry day, I wore two different socks. The kids were thrilled. So, I have always worn two different socks since. The kids and now the staff love to see my socks and comment if I wear an actual pair.
One day, while driving my friend Coin back to meet her parents halfway to
Michigan, her mom happened to notice that I had on one reindeer sock and one ghost sock. A rather odd pair...but that's me!
Now, everytime Coin comes up...Bethie sends me a new pair of great and wonderful colorful seasonful socks!
So, here's to you Bethie...I love the way you feed my need for obnoxious socks.
And just so you all know....I never wear them as pairs. I always wear two different socks at the same time.
So, here's a few of the socks that she has added to my collection and also a few of my own. The purple socks are my newest addition that I purchased online from They are the scrunchable kind. They are probably the most hideous things ever...but I love them with every fiber of my being!
So, here's to you Bethie...I love you!!!
And now the balls in your court friends....What is your obsessive love that you just have to have?


  1. I will be on the lookout for obnoxious socks for you since you love them so much. You will get so many socks from us that you will be able to wear them for a year without doing laundry!! In fact, I think I have a lot I can even give to you, since I prefer just white now. We will have to send you monthly sock gifts!! :) The funny thing is, even though I haven't ever seen your mismatched socks, I can definetly picture you wearing loud socks!!! And dancing around your house!!!! :) Thanks for finally posting! You know how much I like to read them:)

  2. You blogged... holy crap!!!! I love socks too... and I want some too... I will get some... I swear it!!!!

  3. Oh - I love socks too! But its not my vice - we all know that that is lipgloss!!!

    BUT - I just love your hippo socks! Man - I am so gonna send you some Hippo stuff! I do live in the Hippo Capital of the world, after all!
    Email me your postal address and it's a done deal! Kirsty

  4. I love socks. You can not really find the fun ones anymore.

  5. You will be getting more socks in just a few more days. Man you aren't ever going to have to buy socks ever again now that Bethie buys you a pair every time she goes out!

  6. How cool! I do that sometimes! I love the purple ones,nice and bright!! My vice is perfume, I always have lots of perfume, and slip slops, I have too many pairs! Then also coffee, I drink too much coffee, maybe I should stop now huh!!

  7. I love your blog, though I SUCK at leaving comments. I gotta tell ya, I just can't bear to check your blog on a daily basis and not have anything update to read. Help a sista out... :)


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