Sunday, March 1, 2009

My NOT-ME Friday

Ok, I got this game from my bloggedy friend, Kirsty at It's called the NOT-ME Friday game and I believe it is meant to be done on a Friday. However, I am going to bust out my leather jacket and be a rebel and do it on Sunday. In my defense, Kirsty, the post will be about my Friday. Does that buy me any brownie points?

Ok, so the game is played by adding the word NOT in everything you do. So, here goes.

This past Friday was NOT Jason's birthday. Jason is not Amanda's ( husband.

We did NOT all find babysitters so that we could NOT go to Ruby Tuesday's for an adult night out.

I did NOT order the buffalo sandwich while NOT thinking it was the bison sandwich. I was NOT at all surprised when the waitress didn't bring me chicken smothered in buffalo sauce instead of my bison burger.

I did NOT eat that whole buffalo chicken sandwich and then lick the rest of the sauce off the plate.

Now we won't get to the funny parts.....I in no way would ever dream of ordering NOT ONE but TWO long island iced teas. They were NOT so great and refreshing as I sucked the sweetness down. I was NOT informing Chris' brother that his head was big and long way too loudly. I did NOT laugh in an old man's face while coming back from the restroom. And I was NOT scaring people in the restroom while I was in there.

After our dinner, we did NOT come back to my house to play monopoly. I most certainly would NOT get out the boxed wine after two long island iced teas. Amanda did NOT offer to flash a boob just to get some free property from the bank...that would make her a hooker. And, I did NOT try to charge her $500 monopoly dollars for her to show her boob...that would make me her pimp. Her husband did NOT lower his head in shame embarrassed to know us. And Chris was NOT jumping up and down because he thought he might NOT see a boob.

Now, that you all have heard about my NOT-ME Friday, please feel free to join in next Friday. It was hard to even write this without cracking up.

And now for the pictures. I can't figure out how to make them be at the bottom and not the top. Meet Jason and Amanda. And yes, I know I'm not the world's greatest photographer!


  1. That is too funny Sounds like you had a great night.

  2. I do have to confess that I only had two loney little properties and I was going to lose that stinky game again! So I have my reasons...for NOT offering to show my boob! hahahaha

  3. Sounds like you all had a great time. I can only imagine how excited Chris was at the thought of seeing a boob!

  4. I think this would be extremely hard to write. Half mine would have not & half wouldn't.

  5. oh and one more thing... that has to be one of the worst pictures of me ever! i will pay this back... i promise!!! mwahahahhahahahha!!!!

  6. Dude. Get rid of the time-stamp on your camera. Totally fouls the aesthetic.

  7. It does get annoying, but I'm afraid that if I take it off I won't remember when the pictures are from.


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