Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The logic of Chris

I'm not sure if it's just a male thing or if it's just my Chris. Sometimes the things he says just blow me away and crack me up. So, I've decided that I am going to devote his own posts just like the "Nuby strikes again series".

Conversation #1-
We were discussing the welfare of our youngest son, Peyton, who is only 1. I was saying how I never wanted him to go to another daycare center because he loves his teachers and these first years are so crucial to his development. Chris argued that it doesn't matter where he goes becaue he wouldn't remember any of it and he would be fine. Despite all of my counter arguments about early childhood education and social emotional issues, Chris would not budge.

Not even 15 minutes later, I was discussing puppy care on the phone with Coin-O and Chris chimes in with his opinion of how it is VITAL to a puppy that it be nursed for the proper amount of time for the optimal development of the puppy.

WTF, Chris? You care about some random puppy more than Peyton? All I could do was crack up at him.

Conversation #2-
This one was great. Chris likes to blurt out random thoughts in his head at really random times. Back when Coin was visiting, we were sitting in the living room watching Lost after the kids had all gone to bed. Out of the blue, Chris states that he would like to donate his sperm for money. Conversation was as follows:

Jennie-"That's a stupid idea"

Chris-"Hell no it's not! I could make a killing."

Jennie-"Maybe, but what happens when you donate your sperm and then some random lady has your baby and abuses or neglects it?

Chris-"That's not my baby"

Jennie-"Yes it is!"

Chris-"No, no it's not"

Jennie-"How do you figure? It's your sperm, is it not?"

Chris-"Yeah, it's my sperm. But it's not my baby. I wouldn't sleep with her."

Jennie- "It's still your sperm, dumbass. Have you ever heard of DNA?"

Chris-"No, there was no penetration. It doesn't count! It's not my baby."

Coin-"He has a point, you know."

That one is still an ongoing argument. Sometimes I just don't understand what goes through his mind. Anybody else have a "logical thinker" at home?


  1. On puppy vs. baby or are you trying to argue the physics of DNA, Tommy? lol

  2. Too Funny. I just think men are so different and they do not see things the way we do. I agree if your son is doing great with his teachers now change would be hard on him. When they are so young they like things to be the same. Oh and it would be his child. He just would not have to take care of it. Unless in a few years they look him up.

  3. It was his sperm. It was her egg. She asked for the sperm. She didn't ask for the father. He would have every right to say he is not the father, according to one definition. In this case, that definition supercedes all others, including legal ones. I don't think Chris ever had the intention of denying the "physics of DNA". I simply think his claim lay outside the biological definition of parenthood. Otherwise he could not be called a sperm donor but just another BabyDaddy. Distinctions must be made.

  4. I have a logical thinker at home. Josh isn't allowed to smoke inside. So since it was cold outside yesterday he stood inside with the sliding glass door open and his cigerate outside. I told him it still counts as smoking inside, your whole body needs to be outside!!

  5. He's very funny, I'm with you, it's his baby purely on DNA he will have fathered a child, but as for being a dad, then it's whoever raises the baby. And I'm also with you re: Peyton, if he's happy, leave him, kids that age might not remeber but change still makes an impact them.


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