Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm a genuis!

We have gotten some crazy snow since Friday. Looks to be a little less than a foot, which might not be crazy for some of you. But, that is crazy for two days of snow here.

Yesterday, I noticed that the trampoline was drooping really from all of the snow piled on it. I had told Chris to go and shovel it all off but he was too busy plowing the drive way with the tractor 5 blazillion times. (He loves to plow. I think it gives him a good outlet for his destructive side.) Needless to say, the snow was still there this morning.

Once again, I told Chris he needed to shovel the trampoline off and off he went to wal-mart. So, I searched for some boots to keep the snow from filling my shoes while I crossed Alaska to get to the trampoline. The only boots I could find were Chris' steel toed size 13 (AKA size yacht) work boots, so I plopped my size 5 1/2-6 feet into the yachts, tucked in my jeans and laced the bad boys up.

Have you EVER tried to balance yourself on a snow/ice covered trampoline with a snow shovel and yachts on your feet? Let me tell ya, it's a task and I'm sure if any of my neighbors were watching they would have been highly amused.

After about 20 minutes I had finally cleared almost all of the snow off the trampoline, and I did it without falling. This is where my inner genius kicks in. Our trampoline has the safety net siding on it, so it only has one little doorway hole to throw all of the snow out of. During my snow clearing, I had failed to throw the snow all on one side outside of the hole so I had snow piled almost as high as the trampoline all outside of the hole when I was done. WTF is wrong with me? I wore the yachts so that I wouldn't get snow in my boots! Now I would have to worry about snow in my hat.

I am not only a genius...I am an olympic pole jumper! So, I used my genius mind to come up with a plan. I stuffed my shovel in the big old pile of snow, pushed off and flew me and my yachts over the big pile of snow.

SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! That is the sound that two giganitic yachts make when they pound themselves into a foot of snow. I did it! I made it without falling or hurting myself or breaking anything!

I trudged back in my previous footprints back to the house to find Chris standing at the sliding door watching me cracking up.

So, this is why today.....I am a genius olympic champion!


  1. Oh my God!! You freakin crack me up!!! I was laughing so hard when I read this. I could really see you pushing off of the shovel and landing in the snow.

    Mom had tears in her eyes when she was reading it.

    You are too funny!!!

    I will call you in the morning after I get back from the vet...again.

  2. This is hilarious & I would have paid good money to see that. Lots of snow definitely fell!

  3. You have some talent! I would have landed in the safety net, I am quite certain of that!
    Oh - and only a foot of snow?? Only a foot?? Ha hahahahah - if we ever get mote than a millimetre, school would b closed, offices would be closed etc. But we never get ANY snow, never mind a millimetre... after all, we do live in Southern Africa!

  4. Oh my gosh. I am so sorry you had such a ruff time with the snow. We have gotten so much lately. I hate walking in it. Be careful. Thanks for a great story. It did make me laugh as I could see you doing this.

  5. Hi Jen, I've been batteling to leave a comment on your blog, I hope this one sticks! I'm obviously not a genius!! AArgh! I wanted to say that the snow there sounds friggen crazy! I wish it would snow here in winter, but it just gets frosty and that's it!


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