Thursday, March 22, 2012

What the bug?!

Run! It's...It's...the FLU!!!!! And, I pretty much just want to be gross and disgusting today....and maybe make you throw up a little in your mouth. Don't you just love kids?

Three weeks ago the weather took a turn for the better. The grey skies, flurries, frosts and chilly blusters turned into birds chirping, flowers blooming, 80 degree weather. While this is great for yardwork, it also turns little children who have been cooped up all winter into raving lunatics. Such behavior will land you in your room on punishment.

Which leads us into the second day of wondrous weather. Day two brought behaviors that landed Devin in his room. Devin being in his room brings on all kinds of ailments and excuses of why he should be allowed out of his room which are met with loud protests of stomping, crying, and "This is the most not fair house in the whole world" type mumbling.

Since the day was so great, we were doing yard work which just so happened to be right below Devin's window. Every time that Chris would walk away the window would crack open and he would call out to me with different requests: I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I'm lonely, Can I have the dog, and finally my belly hurts. All of these are his usual grounded-to-his-room requests so I met each one with the usual: Get a drink, Get a snack, Sorry about your luck, Yes, No, and Go Poop.

After an hour and a half he wouldn't give up on the belly hurting so I went up to sit with him. Devin can be quite the drama queen so sometimes it's hard to tell when he wants attention and when something is really bothering him. He was now laying on his back in the birthing position doing some lamaaz type breathing while I stared at him with a raised brow. Finally after trying to poo twice, he up-chucked and sacrificed his contents to the sewage gods. This continued for 4 hours. Each time as dramatic as the first.

Fast forward two days. We drive one and a half hours to meet my mom. After a long day at work/school and then hopping in the car to drive we were all half starved by the time we arrived. I had to wake up Peyton when we got there. I didn't think much of it since he sleeps wierd hours and falls asleep in the car all the time. We had a party of 9 so while we were waiting to be seated,  I did my usual routine of making all three boys empty bladders. While coming out of the bathroom I noticed Peyton rubbing something off his hands and thought, "Where did he get that hand sanitizer from?", only to realize that it wasn't hand sanitizer but vomit. This continued for the next 6 hours.

Fast forward two more days. Nuby was shuffling his feet and taking his good old time getting ready for school. I caught him just staring at himself in the mirror holding his toothbrush after telling him to hurry three times. Finally he tells me that his belly hurts.


I tell him that his belly shouldn't hurt because nobody is sick. He looks at me, leans over, and starts splattering vomit all over my floor.

Now, don't get me wrong. I work with kids and vomit usually doesn't bother me. But, by this time I had had enough. While I was whipping Nuby off the floor to redirect his stream, my foot slipped in the puddle. Warm vomit on my foot mixed with the smell was too much. I was dry heaving right along with my poor guy.

I leave for work and by the time I had come home Chris was throwing up. The next day I was sick, Chris' brother was sick and my nephew had to be picked up from school.

It had been two weeks since that nasty bug reared its head and then........

Peyton threw up this morning. I gave him a quick clean up, threw clothes on him and yelled to Chris as I was throwing on my shoes that he needed to wake up and clean up the mess.



  1. GROSS!!!! That's a lot of puke!
    Noah got car sick in the van the other day coming home from Traverse City...puke in the car for 2 hours is not fun either! Thank God I have a garbage can and a ton of bags and paper towel in there. Lots of puke, but no mess thank God!!

    I miss you and I like the new blog, I can finally see it!!

  2. The kicker??? After I posted this, I went home and the puppy had puked on the couch. All I could do was laugh like a crazed person pointing and staring at it.

    I miss you too! Yeah, it took me a few tries to find a template that was compatible with different browsers!


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