Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help Devin jump for Shawn Coin and hearts around the world!

As my few followers have read, one of my best friends lost her husband two years ago this August. He had a heart condition that went undetected and was ultimately the reason for his passing.

I was with my friend, Jenny Coin the day that her husband Shawn Coin that day. We were closely intertwined after that. Naturally, my oldest son, Devin who was then four was very curious...almost obsessed with why Mr. Shawn's heart was 'sick' after that. He was afraid that everyone's heart was going to get 'sick'. He would warn his grandma against the dangers of smoking because her heart was 'gonna get nasty'. He was always asking people about there heart and doing everything he could think to ensure that everyone's heart would be ok.

Two years later, Devin has not forgotten. He is now 6 years old and is attending Kindergarten with all the other big kids. Devin now has the opportunity to do something with a measurable impact for the American Heart Association.

Tonight we sat down and talked about if he wanted to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart that his school was having. We talked about what it meant to be a part of it and how the money that he earned by working hard and not giving up would go to help other people who may have 'sick hearts' or may help prevent 'hearts from ever getting sick'. He helped me write out his page and even got teary talking about how excited he was to be able to help. His innocence, compassion and eagerness are truly breath taking. His heart is so big and he feels for everyone with his entire little being. He knows no maliciousness or evil. His heart is deep, his eyes are wide and his goal is set on making sure that he does everything his little body possibly can to help in the fight against heart disease.

Devin is participating in the Jump Rope for Heart Program. He is very excited! His goal is to raise $50.00. Please click on the link and check out his page. Share in a young boy's compassion to help others...he's got the drive to help...let's help him get there!


Please click on the link above to visit Devin's page and read his story. Help a little boy make a difference! Donations can be made online right from his page. or click on the link below to read Jenny Coin's blog.



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