Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peyton!

My littlest man is having a birthday today. Today marks his second year of life and that makes me a little sad. It has gone by too quick. Let's travel back....

Two years ago on this same day....

At my last appointment with my midwife, I was 4 centimeters dilated and 50% thinned out. I returned to work after my appointment and was whining about how sore I was. It didn't feel like the normal hand all up in ya pain but more of a I think she stuck her whole leg in there and stomped on my uterus kind of deal. My friend and then boss, Lora, kept telling me to go home. But, I wanted to hoard all of my sick and vacation time, so I was reluctant to go. After much argument with Lora and the throb of my innerds...I grabbed Devin and Nuby and we went home.

After parking my pregnant sponge bob square pants looking butt on the couch for a day, I was sold. I called off the next day and decided I wasn't going back until after the baby was born. I was also trying to stay off my feet and hold that sucker in for a few more days.

I don't know if I've ever explained the intertwinitty of my friends...so here's a quick run down.

I met Jamie through an old relationship. Both of our boyfriends' were friends.
Absolutely hated her when I met her....then we became friends. We went on to date a few more pairs of friends. Then she married Lee and I'm engaged to Chris who is Lee's brother. wierd, huh.

Through that same old boyfriend, I met Jason and Amanda. Jason is Jamie's brother and also my neighbor. I also lived with Jason and Amanda for quite a few years.
Absolutely hated Amanda when I met her...now one of my best friends.

Back to the story.....

Jamie and Lee were on their way from their home in Colorado. Jamie had been pregnant and the baby didn't make it past 6 months due to severe complication. I didn't want to be in the hospital and not be able to make it to the service that they were having. The baby, Brandon Lee, was being buried over top of her and Jason's grandmother.

The morning of the service was beautiful. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the temperature was just right. Everybody crowded around the little grave site while the pastor said his words and then the tiny little egg/urn was placed into the ground.

Afterwards, we all went over to her uncle's house for the wake and so the kids could swim in the pool. While we were all sitting around, the damn squeezies started acting up. Squeezies are what I always called braxton hicks because I couldn't stand the sound of the name. I had squeezies on and off with both Nuby and Peyton. So, I'm walking around and keep hiking up my stomach to try to make the squeezies less painful. And to try to make them not squeeze my ribs which would in turn squeeze my lungs. Or that's how it was happening in my head.

After a while, Jason asked me if I was ok...sure I was. Get the squeezies all the time. I asked Chris to bring me some water thinking that I was just a bit dehydrated.

I went into the sunroom to sit and talk to everyone when it happened. I was sitting on the floor on my knees with my feet tucked under me when I thought I peed my pants. I started laughing and told everybody that I either just peed myself or my water broke. And I had on very thin khaki pants. I made them all close their eyes while I jumped up and darted in the house. I ran down the basement stairs and plopped down on the pot. Yep...pants were wet. I'm sitting in the tiny bathroom with my knees touching the wall in front of me trying to sniff my pants to see if they smell like pee when Chris opens the door all frantic like. I yell at him to close the door because under no circumstances is he allowed to see me sitting on the toilet. (One of my wierd things) So, from the other side of the door he asks if I'm alright. As the squeezies are starting to get more painful I tell him yeah...maybe I just need to poop. So, I empty out my intestine, bang my head into the wall with another squeezie, dry my pants with a blow dryer and head back upstairs embarassed.

Sitting back in the sunroom, Amanda tells me that maybe I'm in labor. Now, I'm starting to get snappy. I'm not in freaking labor. It's just the damn squeezies and they're starting to piss me off. I'm just going to sit here for a minute and I'll be fine.

I sit for another ten minutes while each squeezie gets worse than the one before and now I'm starting to break a sweat. I tell Chris it's time to go. He fiddles around for a couple minutes and then asks if he can go home to take a shower first. "NO!" Instead, he opts for taking a shower there and throwing on some of Lee's clothes. Amanda and Jason took Devin and dropped him off at my aunt's and Lee snagged up Nuby. Me and Chris left the wake for the hospital.

We got there and I was beside myself in pain. I got out of the car and plopped right down in the parking lot refusing to walk until the squeezie was over....chris was very irritated. Once inside, my midwife shows up with her intern. My midwife, whose name is Gaye, had promised me an epidural. So, I held out for an hour until I could get it. Once the epidural was in, I was ready to go. Lock and load and he was outin 45 minutes.

I was so worried about Jamie. I felt like we had ruined Brandon's day. She was so good about it. She cried but was so happy to see Peyton. Everybody who came up to meet you that night included: My brother, Bubba-Jamie-Amanda-Jason-Lora-Chris' mom, Dorothy

Welcome to the world, Peyton! The day started out with letting one baby go and ended with bringing one baby in.

I love you, little man! I will post a baby picture when I get on my own computer.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PEYTON!!!!!!! Aunt Manda love you!!!! And Jennie I remember all of that... goodness what a day!

  2. What a story!!! Happy Birthday Peyton

  3. What a lovely story... the part about 1 life departing whilst another arrives.... not the part of you doing the sniff check for wee or amniotic fluid!!!!

  4. I hope this comment works today, I had a lot of trouble yesterday, am having brain fade me thinks!!
    That's a beautiful story Jen. I think the sequence of events just fit nicely. Happy Birthday to Peyton! It's such a cute age, I miss those years.

  5. Happy Birthday Peyton - hope he had a brilliant day with lots of cake! xo.


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