Saturday, November 15, 2008

Look at my award!

I originally started this blog after reading my friend's blog. She recently moved away and I check her blog obsessively to see what she is up to. I am usually the person who tells the stupidly funny stories at functions, so I thought why don't I tell my stories on my blog? And, that's what I do now.

My friend Jenny awarded me the blog award, I'm lovin' your blog. I like to think it is because my blog is funny to read and people enjoy it but it could very well be that she feels sorry for me because I have no blog friends. ha ha ha.

The award rules go as follows:

Now it's time for YOU to share this award with blogs you love to read!Here are the Rules:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Link the person from whom you received your award.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs

4. Put links of those blogs on yours, and

5. Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated!

I'm awarding the I Love Your Blog award to...

Unfortunately, since I am relatively new to the blogger world, I do not have seven people to pass on this award to, so I will pass it on to the few people that I do follow regularly.

Congratulations guys! I love your blogs. You can copy and paste the award into your blog now.


  1. I got your blog off of "Bring the Rain" and then found
    "The Tale of Two Coins" I enjoy reading both of your blogs. I am also new to the blogging world and do not know many people either. Come visit my site.

    I love your award Jen gave me one also. I was so happy and touched by it. Since I just started blogging and I did not think anyone would reads it.

  2. Your award looks very nice, if I do say so myself!!

    I'm so so so sorry that I couldn't make it to Ytown this week.

    But guess what I thought of today, now when I come we can celebrate Christmas!!!!
    (we can still make pumpkin rolls)

    Your gift is going to me hand made by me this year. Well...Katie might help, you know I how lack in the crafty area.

    See you soon and miss you lots and lots!


  3. Thanks for the award!

    I also wanted to answer some of your questions regarding the photo site.

    Matte finish is the not-shiny finish of some photos that you receive at a studio. Glossy is the shiny finish that you normally receive from any commercial developer (like WalMart). Lustre is supposed to be the best but is really not much better than Matte.

    I prefer to use Matte finish because the quality is much better on most of my pictures.

    As far as pre-matted and what not, I don't think you can order that directly from my site-I need to check this out. I'd be more than happy to help you directly instead of you using the site.

    Email me and let me know what picture you are interested in, what size, matting options, etc. and we'll see what we can work out!



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